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One more apology and some info

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Joined: 2006-07-13

Hello everyone,

This message is again to apologise for my "blanks", those in the last weeks and unfortunately in the coming weeks also.

I thought I would say more than just "I'm very busy" so there you go.
As you may know I'm French and 23 yrs old. Last June I have completed some engineering studies abroad and today I wish to continue studying to become a Physics/Chemistry teacher in my country. This summer has been very busy trying to get accepted for these new studies, and also repairing stuff since both of my separated parents moved in new houses.
I finally got accepted (two weeks after the start of studies.. welcome to France) and I just moved in a studio 500km away from my home. Life is a bit hectic right now since I must keep up with studies (I have a very different cursus + two weeks late) and also get settled (empty studio... untill last night I was eating on the floor) with a limited budget. Fortunately at this point my parents still support me financially.
I also need to rest... I am exhausted from the last months' activities and wish to have a bit of time to recover. I must say also I had no idea would turn into such a lively project (it started out a something very personal) so it never came in my "plans". It has eaten quite a bit of the time I normally spend photographing, reading and listening to music.

So, as I settle in this year's life, I believe it is time for me to back off slightly for a week or two. It turns out I cannot satisfactorily work on the site and keep up with life outside it at the moment. I hope you understand this and look kindly at one happy, but exhausted man Smiling

Fortunately the website is in a state that I believe is very satisfactory. I don't believe it urgently needs updating, so it will not "hurt" if I merely stick to answering email for one to two weeks.

Here are my two priorities for improving the site when I "come back":

1. set up a wiki to organise projects
so everyone can have a clear idea of what is happening behind the website
2. work on setting translations up
(the "tabs" for different languages on the website)

After this is done, there are tons of things that could be done, but that will come more easily. Hopefully I will also find the time to look more into Libervis, which I like very much.

Finally, some information on the website statistics: gets a fair amount of page views, considering it's a static, once-only website.
The use of buttons makes the statistics a bit tricky to read (the distinct users number refers to people viewing the site or one of our butons) so we have to refer to page views. My guess is that the average reader will view ten pages at most.
On normal days, there are between 300 and 600 page views. The site got caught a few times in digg-like websites of various languages, which resulted in spikes of several thousand pages (up to 6000) spread over a few days at most.
Overall my estimate is that since the first day (July 4, 2006) at least 7000 people have had a look at the website. Compared to my initial ambitions (I was looking at around 50 ?) this is enormous. Smiling

That's it! I hope once again that you understand my position. I will try to stick around the forums a little, but will mostly concentrate on things outside Soon I may do more but now I need a bit of time.
Thank you very much and sorry for the huge post.