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Other RPM distros

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Besides RedHat, Fedora, Mandriva and PCLinuxOS, other RPM based GNU/Linux distributions seem to be pretty obscured. What are they? I'm sure there are some good and worthy ones among them?

Which ones have you tried and what are your experiences?

I believe one of the obscure distros is BLAG that uses RPM and is, as it usually is the case, based on one of the major ones above, in this particular case Fedora..

RPM based GNU/Linux distros definitely have more to show than the above I'd say.

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PLD never used it, but it


never used it, but it uses RPM IIRC. and it is probably based on a major one, but SUSE and Mandriva are as well ;)  Looks like ithas been independant forquite a while.

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A short list of RPM

A short list of RPM distros


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Wikipedia says;

Wikipedia says;

    A distribution for home use designed to be equivalent to Windows XP Home (formerly known as Peanut Linux).

    ALT Linux
    Several distributions including Master, Compact, and Junior. Valued for strong Cyrillic support, security (related to Owl GNU/*/Linux) and community.

    A security-focused server distribution using tools like runit, urpmi, SSP-enhanced GCC, and more. Originally based on Mandrake 9.2 but has diverged a lot.

    Ark Linux
    A distribution focused on ease of use and ease of learning, while remaining technically sane.

    A distribution that provides support for Russian and other Cyrillic languages.

    A distribution with emphasis on support for several European languages.

    Berry Linux
    A medium-sized Fedora Core-based distribution that provides support in Japanese and English.

    BLAG Linux and GNU
    An entirely Free Software-based distribution intended for the home desktop user designed to provide many features while remaining within the size of one CD.
    Caixa Mágica
    A Portuguese distribution.

    cAos Linux
    A general purpose distribution managed by the community. Designed to be lightweight (fast and can be suitable for running on older hardware) and easily customizable
    Cobind A desktop distribution.

    EnGarde Secure Linux
    EnGarde Secure Linux is a highly-secure, server-only community distribution built on a foundation of SE Linux policies and sponsored by Guardian Digital, Inc. of Allendale NJ.

    Fedora Core
    A general purpose distribution for workstation, desktop and server use. Developed by Red Hat and the community.

    Fox Linux
    A Fedora Core-based distribution made in Italy, designed for basic home computing tasks such as browsing the Web, writing and printing documents, using multimedia and burning discs.

    Linux Mobile System
    A Fedora Core-based distribution designed to boot from USB Mass Storage devices, such as keydrives.

    Magic Linux
    A distribution for Chinese users designed to be easy to use.

    A Mandriva-based distribution designed to run from CD or USB Flash Drive, focused on multimedia, internet, graphics.

    The first user-made Live CD based on SUSE Linux, targeted at system rescue and software development.

    A Live CD distribution which can be installed to hard disk. Originally based on Mandrake 9.2 but has diverged since, while remaining RPM-based.

    A distribution made by the Indian magazine PCQuest, based on Fedora Core.

    PLD Linux Distribution
    A distribution intended for more advanced users, while remaining more convenient than

    Slackware or Gentoo.

    Made in Italy, completely from scratch. The QiLinux staff have developed a desktop and live version as well as a server and advanced server version.

    Red Flag Linux
    A distribution developed in China and optimised for the Chinese market.

    Sesco Linux
    A secure distribution by Sesco information Systems Inc.

    Tinfoil Hat Linux
    A distribution stated to be aimed at the security-conscious and paranoid.

    A somewhat-hardened distribution focused on security. Contrast SELinux, from NSA, which is a set of kernel modifications, not a distribution, and cannot be used alone, however.

    Commercial desktop distribution made in Italy, based on QiLinux.

    Vine Linux
    A Japanese distribution based on Red Hat Linux.

    Yellow Dog
    A Fedora Core Linux-based distribution for the PowerPC platform.

    "Your Operating System", a desktop distribution from New Zealand. \

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