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Planned modifications to the website (ed: 09/03)

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Joined: 2006-07-13

Hi everyone,

Here are the main modifications that I plan to add to the website in the near future (I'll try to keep this list to date with edits).
I wish to say that already, having so many ideas and things fly around in the forum is very productive. I am confident that we will soon get better organised.

Here are the changes by priority (update: September 3d, 2006):


  • Significant changes


    1. Improving display with IE
      Self-explainatory. Detailed in another thread.
      Status: stuck. I need help with that since I've reached the end of my programming skills.
    2. .

    3. New FAQ in "switch to Linux" section
      It would be good to have a new FAQ in this section to cover up most questions that newcommers might ask themselves. Some questions should be moved from the Linux FAQ to there.
      Status: not started
    4. .

    5. Work on translation / community editing
      The main big thing coming. We should set-up some more open way of contributing to the site, especially to enable translations.
      Status: discussed soon
  • .

  • Small changes

    As you can see by the changelog, there are many of these and they are rarely planned. Simply many little things I come across and correct, trying to make the best use of my time! Here are the ones I know must be done.

    1. Wiser use of "GNU/Linux" term
      Try to be more consistent with the use of "Linux", "Gnu/Linux", "GNU/Linux" (taking accounts of various ideas expressed)
      Status: 50% Started to address this with a new website FAQ post.
    2. .

    3. Re-write of "free" FAQ post
      The post is poorly written. Should be better phrased.
    4. .

    5. "Linux runs on your computer"
      Insist more on that (the fact that Linux runs on computers even if they came with windows), as suggested and well explained by Duke.
  • .

  • Significant changes done recently

    1. "Get it" page split and re-worked
      The page is too long and too complicated. Should be split into 1) one page to Choose Distribution (possibly add one extra distro there, for techies) + 2) one page to Try and Install (live cd and dual boot descriptions).
      Status: done discuss here
    2. .

    3. Helpful links page in "switch to Linux" section
      There are plenty of excellent beginner resources around on the web (for example, more accurate descriptions of user experiences or equivalent applications tables). We should point to a few of these!
      Status: done but can be improved discuss
    4. .

    5. Screenshot page
      Adding a page with (say) six simple screenshots (3 Ubuntu + 3 Suse), so that readers can feel at home (recognise Firefox, file browser, OO.o). Difficulty is finding nice-looking, but simple and easy screenshots.
      To be linked from Linux and (new) Choose Distribution pages.
      Status: done. Have a look and discuss if necessary.

There are many more things I keep thinking about, but it's better to keep to 5 doable things, then update the list.
I also ask for your patience - is unfortunately only a "free time" project and my computer and/or internet access is rather unstable.
Hope the list is helpful/interesting !


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This is a great idea for a

This is a great idea for a post. Libervis should do this Eye

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Joined: 2005-12-20
Yet another "GNU/Linux" thing
new FAQ wrote:

We try to appeal to a large audience –reach these people who never heard about free software and barely remotely heard the word "Linux".

So do the something like the GNU site frontpage does. Change the first part of the frontpage to:
'GNU/Linux, often inaccurately called just "Linux" (more on that later)'

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Joined: 2006-05-04
AndrewB wrote: This is a
AndrewB wrote:

This is a great idea for a post. Libervis should do this Eye

You mean like a TODO list? Hmm not a bad idea. Might put that in our wiki.

Olivier, you could find alot of nice screenshots at so maybe you could link from the screenshots page to there as "more screenshots". They also have latest screenshots for both SuSE and Ubuntu if you'd like to link directly to those for more shots. Smiling

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