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Playing a captured stream

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Joined: 2006-03-28

Hi folks,

for a couple of days I'm trying to play a file containing raw packet data which I captured on the way from my Broadband-TV-provider to the set-top-box.
Since there is no header and nothing most players totally refuse to play it. Anyway, VLC can play the stream but it's obvious (at least to me) that there's some data which is not meant to be played. I can hear talking, but there's always something "in between". And I don't get any picture, although VLC sets a resolution which looks quite fitting for what I guessed. I think the problem is, that the file still contains all the headers of all the packets, and not only the payload-data which is meant to be played.
By analyzing the stream with Ethereal and VLC I guess it's an RTP-stream encapsulating an MPEG-TS-file.
So, now the 1.000.000$ question is: How can I m