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Playing DVD's with Ogle and saving resources

Tried Ogle? Try it if you didn't and are looking for a simple and rather painless ways to play your DVD's on your PC almost as if you plugged them in a standalone DVD player (for a TV set) without having to do alot of tweaking just to get it playing right and without anomalies and with subtitles working (if you need them).

Ogle supports DVD menu and seems to tune in to any DVD without a problem.

I have added it to my ~/.xinitrc file (by default commented) like this:

#gksudo ogle /dev/hdd

So when I want to play a DVD I just insert it in my DVD player, go out of GNOME (or whatever I may be using in X) to console (killing X in the process of course), modify my ~/.xinitrc file to comment out the mentioned command and comment the one that usually starts GNOME (exec gnome-session) and then just startx to start playing a DVD.

In the command the "gksudo" sets me as root by prompting me for my user password graphically upon starting X (since access to /dev/hdd, my DVD device, is only for privileged users). The rest of the command starts ogle playing the DVD in /dev/hdd, of course.

Of course, ogle will work even if you start it from within your desktop environment (from a terminal emulator rather than real console). The reason why I am killing my desktop environment and newly starting X with only ogle running in it is to save some memory and processing power for actually playing a DVD. It minimizes the chances of having any breakages while playing a DVD and could especially be useful for those on weaker machines (less RAM and slower processors).



That looks nice. I do use

That looks nice.

I do use ogle from time to time, though I have been having a problem with not being able to have a full screen (due to the fact there is a bug in XV which is used to display it). I may give this a go to see if I can again have full screen mode.


Fullscreen works good for

Fullscreen works good for me. Starting it alone with X already kind of gives you the fullscreen feeling (since it's all black and showing just the movie). The difference is that when I enable the fullscreen (pressing "f" on keyboard) it centers nicely in the middle of the screen rather than on top of it.

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