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Are you abandoning ReiserFS?

18% (3 votes)
53% (9 votes)
Not sure yet.
0% (0 votes)
Never used it.
29% (5 votes)
Total votes: 17


I voted no. I don't


I voted no.
I don't actually use ReiserFS, as I use Fedora and it installs by default on ext3, and also because ReiserFS is not suitable for SELinux.
The latter also is the reason that there have been changes to EasyLFS. Now, if you select ReiserFS as your root-filesystem and choose to use SELinux you will not be able to install as ReiserFS cannot handle the necessary labels.
Other than that ReiserFS-support in EasyLFS stays the same as before. It's not default (ext3 stays the default FS for EasyLFS), but it's supported.

new option

I added a "Never used it." option. If anyone that voted for no wants their vote changed to it, say so.

Oh.. cool.

Oh.. cool. Smiling

I used to use it but read

I used to use it but read EXT3 was a bit better so I switched to it. Plus the whole Reiser murder thing has pushed me away as well.

From what I know ReiserFS


From what I know ReiserFS is supposed to be better if you have lots of tiny files. But I'm not sure about this.

Personally I think that the conviction of Hans Reiser shouldn't drive away from his FS, as it still is quite a good FS, and I think the FS shouldn't suffer under this "story". It doesn't make it a worse FS.
It's like Germany stopping to drive on the highways built before/during WW2...

I agree with not abandoning

I agree with not abandoning it because of the murder case, though of course everyone decides for themselves. I voted no too since my data partition is still with it and I'm not planning to reformat anytime soon.


crap, I voted yes. I meant


crap, I voted yes.

I meant no, but in the end, if development stops, I will abandon it.


I subtracted 1 from yes and added one to no.

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