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Have you tried Microsofts Windows Vista?

31% (11 votes)
69% (24 votes)
Total votes: 35


I have not, and hope to

I have not, and hope to hold off for as long as possible. Smiling

I have seen RC1 at a


I have seen RC1 at a friends place last year, but that's it. So I voted for no since I didn't see much, didn't use it all and it wasn't the final release.
For myself, I won't buy it, and I also won't download it (to avoid any misunderstanding). I have Windows 2000 installed since sometimes I like to play some games, and I still don't see any reason why I should spend money for a new OS. XP had nothing I needed, and I don't think that Vista has anything I really need. Therefor I will use my Win2K-license until I really need to have a new Windows, or can play everything I want with Linux.

Of course not, and I'm not

Of course not, and I'm not even thinking about it! Laughing out loud

I'll try OpenSolaris, Haiku, Plan9 and every freaking Free OS in the world before I touch Vista, and even then I wouldn't touch it. What's the point? Laughing out loud

It may happen if it accidentally hits me in the head, but something tells me MS isn't *that* pervasive. Smiling

a little

I was at Staples (an office/school store) a week ago and spent like one minute with the new laptops with Vista on display. The only things I noticed were the "My" prefixes gone and the touchpad on the laptop was really hot (that could've just been the laptop's bad design, or it might have been the OS constantly eating a lot of resources). Then again, I only spent a minute with it.

a_thing wrote:...and the

a_thing wrote:

...and the touchpad on the laptop was really hot...

Maybe it had a defective Sony battery warming up to explode right after you left the store? Sticking out tongue


libervisco wrote:
a_thing wrote:

...and the touchpad on the laptop was really hot...

Maybe it had a defective Sony battery warming up to explode right after you left the store? Sticking out tongue

eek, that wouldn't have been good. Shrapnel from the Vista Dvd everywhere!

not much


Tried it, it wasn't much of anything good for an OS, system was definetly slower and games were slow

A wierd thing is that after some time the PC made strange noises like if devices were turned off to save power or whatever. After that event, the PC became really slow.

brimstone touchpad

libervisco wrote:
a_thing wrote:

...and the touchpad on the laptop was really hot...

Maybe it had a defective Sony battery warming up to explode right after you left the store? Sticking out tongue

No, that's what touching hell feels like Eye



I tried it at a computer store when I was there. I would never intentionally buy it.

I wish I could try it,

I wish I could try it, though never on my PC. I'd especially like to try the latest Office release. Having a good idea of how this proprietary software feels like to everyday users: that's of great help to get them to switch to free software.

Word is getting out

It's not just geeks like us (okay, speak for myself) hearing about this. Word is getting out about how bad it is. A spreadsheet and newsletter type user of computers, who is in his early sixties, asked me in a negative tone if I liked the new Vista and how was that going to work out. I could tell he was already hearing the bad press about it. I helped clear up his mind and *REALLY* told him some bad stuff about it. He learned a lot that night.

I then told him that my wife, kids, and I all use Ubuntu and love it. I told him we have more security, faster speed, more reliability, less lockups, barely need to reboot, can read/write stuff people send us, can use the computer easily, and do email, web, and office docs.

However, I said, "If you can afford it, go with a Mac." The reason I said this, and I hope you don't beat me up about it, is because I feel that more users are ready for a Mac than they are Ubuntu. People don't understand the concept of free, yet, and don't want to be a technical person to know how to use it. I also feel that anything that is more likely to chip away at the marketshare of Windows is a good thing for all of us, including FOSS users, Linux fans, and Ubuntu fans.

However, I certainly bragged about Ubuntu just as well and told him that with a Mac, you have to pay for everything and keep upgrading constantly, and use expensive hardware only sold by Apple. However, I told him that with Ubuntu, however, it's free and you get to keep your existing hardware, and you're not forced into upgrades. I wrote down the website on a notepad for him.

He looked at me kind of puzzled. He's an adamant USA Republican and this sort of thing seemed like anti-capitalism to him. I had to help him realize that free software is the epitomy of a free market system at its best and is definitely pro-capitalism. Take for instance a car dealership that has loss leaders on the lot -- surely one wouldn't call that liberal socialism. Or take for instance a car dealership that gives away all the cars and charges 1/3 less for the car repair, and they do it because they have a unique way to build the cars so cheaply compared to the competition, and have such a low overhead, that they can afford to do this and still make a profit. Their revenue numbers may be smaller, but they may have less people to pay for making and repairing the cars than a typical dealership and typical manufacturer. He said this was fascinating and will have to give this a look.

I also said that by saving money by going with Ubuntu, he can afford to pay for tech support. I said you already pay for expensive tech support, so what about 1/3 to 1/2 less tech support costs and also have a free operating system? Is it worth the hassle for its new-ness, then?

So I laid it out for him. Want to remain mainstream, have fewer headaches, but have less to pay for it and have fewer applications to choose from? Then go with a Mac. Want to go a little less than mainstream, have fewer headaches than Vista but perhaps a couple more than a Mac, but get the OS for free and the tech support for 1/3 to 1/2 less than Microsoft's? Then go with Ubuntu.

I then followed this up with an email for him so that he could click a link and consider it. One can only hope.

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