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How do you like the new Nuxified layout?

Fantastic, it could not be better.
23% (3 votes)
Its good but....[please tell us!]
62% (8 votes)
I hate it.
15% (2 votes)
I really don't care.
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 13


I wonder if we still need

I wonder if we still need the bottom bar. Let's have a look at it:
- Latest forum topic: this doesn't get updated so often it always needs to be visible. Having it on the front page is good enough.
- create new topic: I love the "ask away" button, so I'm not going to use this
- show recent: I always use the "recent" from the menu. Perhaps it can be moved to the header? I would center the "About Goodies Link Contact IRC" and put a "what's new?" button similar to "ask away" on the right.

I've thought about removing

I've thought about removing the bottom bar as well. Your suggestion sounds good, but after the "controversy" over a "need help" button I'm not sure how would others react to another "what's new" button. Smiling

It's really up to what all of you guys would like. If there is no universal agreement then we'd just have to make some "good enough for most" compromises. Eye

As far as it goes right now I think the "need help" button will stay, and be refined to better fit, but I don't know about another button yet.

What do you people think?

Distracting details


I see too many distracting graphical details. Example "Read more" in frame. There're additional redundant information as well: "comments" and "new comments". Please get rid off the darkblue texts. The color should be clear (black) and unobtrusive. You have to convey information for grown up people, the website is not for kindergarten kids I think. As for now you applied two kinds of information layeres - textual information __covered__ by graphical one. Too much for me.

Przemysław Pawełczyk

Welcome aboard warpman.

Welcome aboard warpman. Looks like you're a Star Trek fan like me judging from that "Starfleet Command" image on your site and your nickname. I am too. Eye

About your suggestions. The links are in frames (borders actually) in order to look a bit like buttons which also looks good on forums. No one complained and some liked it so it stuck. It is admittelly there mostly as a decorative thing, but also because when people see button-like links in forums it looks more familiar to them since most popular forum software has buttons instead of plain links.

While I respect your suggestion I'm afraid I can make changes only if at least a few other people agree with it. Otherwise if I make you happy I could make some other users a bit unhappy about it. You know how that goes. Smiling

Also the "x new comments" link is actually a built in drupal feature. It's meant to specifically note how many new comments are there to read. Some might like that feature too, some may not and I'm not exactly sure right now how would I remove that without hacking on Drupal a bit.

I see your point about black text though, at least regarding black titles. This is something I can concede to and make titles of blocks and topics/articles which aren't links black instead of dark blue. But for those other suggestions I'd first like to see more opinions of others before making changes.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I was planning on allowing people to download and modify Nuxified CSS file to make modifications and then send them back to me so that I enable them as an alternative selectable theme. One way to accomodate even if others don't agree with changes you'd make is to simply modify a CSS file per your request and let you enable and use that one instead of the official theme. Of course, it wouldn't be officially supported, but whenever you notice any inconsistencies you can freely notify me to fix it up. If you know a bit of CSS and would like to try modifying it yourself here's the link: