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Which Do you Visit Regularly?

29% (6 votes)
14% (3 votes)
14% (3 votes)
43% (9 votes)
Total votes: 21


I usually don't read these


I usually don't read these sites, sometimes I have a look into Slashdot, but my mornings start with SecurityFocus and

I find myself checking

I find myself checking more often than slashdot, though not every day. Maybe it's not exactly regularly, but I still voted since I think I visit it often enough not to say "neither".

What I do check daily is

I lurk on digg pretty much


I lurk on digg pretty much 24/7 and check slashdot occasionally

reddit. I'm addicted so bad

reddit. I'm addicted so bad that it's like I've got a psychological problem or something, like that disorder where you have to wash your hands all the time. It's just that when you have a choice of staring at a progress bar, or want to reward yourself like eating candy when you've accomplished something, it's just so easy to hit that reddit bookmark in Swiftfox. The problem is, once I arrive there, I enter like another world where I lose my grasp of the space-time continuum. I am literally lost there for hours.

And why do I like it? Well, it's a quick fix of what's new on the Internet, as well as a forum where I can beat my chest about Linux and Ubuntu. It's also zippy fast, and that's important to me. (However, they should make their << prev link use Javascript's history.back()!!!)

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