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printer is not printing

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Joined: 2006-06-19

To All:

The printer is not printing. It makes no difference if I am using an
application or trying to print a test page in the control center. For test
page, I've gone to

control center (kcontrol) -> peripherals -> printers -> instances -> test ...

A window pops up saying

You are about to print a test page of Canon BJC 1000. Do you want
to continue.

No problem. I press "Print Test Page".

Another window shows up saying

Test Page successfully sent to Canon BJC 1000.

But nothing happens afterward, i.e., no printing. I know the printer is
on and plugged in correctly. What else should I be checking for?

Printer works fine on my old PC. And Mandriva is detecting the printer
correctly, so the parellel connection is fine. I also tried adding a new
printer without success.

Btw, I'm using KDE 3.4.3 & Mandriva 2006 special edition.


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status of job

You can open the printer control module without the rest of the control pannel with kcmshell printers.

Anyway, fiddle around with Enable/Disable Job Spooling and Start/Stop Printer (when you right click on the printer in the control module).

Joined: 2006-06-19

Thank for replying, but...

Got a tip from MandrivaUser forumj. Went to


and added another printer with success. The one Mandriva control
center puts in, CUPS complains that the PPD file did not match
the printer? [Probably an error on Mandriva's side]