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Product Idea: Satcher

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Joined: 2006-02-17

I like this idea a lot. I can see it as a whole platform, eventually. Many groups of people would want to join in on it. It could be a whole new avenue for marketing products on Linux.

First, what's a Satcher? A Satcher is a Setup Catcher. There could be hundreds of these made on Linux, all by different groups of people. Or, they could get together to make it a community thing, consolidating ideas.

The way it works is that if you give a relative a Linux PC and try to make it sort of look Windows-like so that they don't freak out on you. But then they may eventually want to stick that CD they pulled out of their breakfast cereal box, or that they got in the mail, and run some sort of EXE (setup.exe, install.exe, etc.) on that PC. You'd want to counter all that with a Satcher.

The Satcher is a script that looks for EXE file launches in KDE, XFCE, GNOME, Englighment, or whatever kind of window/desktop manager. It then either throws up a web page or some sort of control panel that says, "The application you are trying to install is not designed for this upgraded computer. To add similar software, please browse one of the categories below."

The end user then sees a control panel of hyperlinks (and perhaps nice graphics and application thumbnail screenshots) of categories and qualifying FLOSS applications. The end user could then scroll through this list of options and choose one to try out. It would then apt-get the app from the Internet in order for them to try it out.

It could also have a link called "Uninstall..." to let them uninstall an application they had just tried out but did not like.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
on satcher idea

That actually sounds like a great idea and something that might be an exciting thing to implement.

It get's me thinking of another possibility, though it would probably be a bit more limited than your idea.

Maybe it would be possible to make an exe program that would scan current users windows setup for things like what applications it is using, in what way is it themed (however limited windows themeing is) and even what background wallpaper it may be using. Then based on that info it would connect to the net and download the ISO image of the distro that it finds most appropriate for that particular user (according to the scanned data), burns it and then displays installation instructions for it with an option to print them out on paper so that it is easy to follow.

And then when the user is finally done installing (presuming that this new distro came with your satcher) the satcher takes over to do its thing, as you described it..

Well it's really brainstorming, but who knows.. Smiling

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