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Program for setting USE flags in Gentoo.

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I've recently found a small app named ufed which helps you choose USE flags for Gentoo. It reads the /etc/make.conf and gives you a list of all the USE flags available and alows you to read a description, select and save new USE flags. It's usful since I don't know each and every USE flag off by heart.

If you want to use it: emerge ufed && ufed

Joined: 2005-12-20

Cool, should be pretty helpful, delving into gentoo on my sparc this weekend Sticking out tongue or sooner.

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use flags in ufed

Just be careful in setting up the USE flags via ufed.
If you only need a certain feature for a certain package, you might just emerge that package with the desired USE flag (i.e.: # USE="-arts xine gstreamer" emerge package) because setting a USE flag in ufed will make it global, and you may not want it in some other packages.
Or you can just edit the /etc/portage/package.use for certain packages to use a USE flag that you want --- these you do if you don't want some USe flags to be global.

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I find that adding the

I find that adding the desired USE flag to the /etc/portage/package.use file to be much much easier than adding the flags on the command line. Also makes sure that even if the package is included in an 'emerge world', it's still going to use the additional use flags for that package.

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