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screenshot of archlinux with evilwm

screenshot of archlinux with evilwm

Doing some design homework with gimp.
In the system tray of the tiny xfce4 panel (top right) you can see networkmanager and gaim.
One xfce terminal is running the links browser, the other just finished running fortune.
All fonts, except those in the image being edited in gimp, are DejaVu, which is a good font for saving space. EvilWM doesn't take much space either. Still, my maximum resolution of 1024x768 is quite cramped.
The gtk theme is clearlooks-olive.
The background image is mine, the original images in the design in gimp were taken from


Yes, it responds well. In

Yes, it responds well. In fact it responds so well I could configure cpufreqd to always keep the cpu down at 600MHz, except when running things like gcc or latex, and go unpunished in performance. It's nice and quiet when the fans never spin. And yes, good for the environment too Smiling .

I'm also on 1024x768. I can

I'm also on 1024x768. I can have a higher resolution, but only on lower refresh rate which can cause headaches for someone spending so much time in front of a computer. :\

But with four workspaces I don't find it all too cramped...

Nice shot overall Taco, very environmentalist. Eye

Small res = sucks. Nice

Small res = sucks.

Nice looking desktop though.

I bet it responds well.