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ReactOS installer in qemu

React OS installer in qemu eating up whole of the processor time. Smiling

React OS partitioning

React OS partitioning

Setting up a FAT32 partition for the React OS install.

React OS installer device settings

Device settings detected by the React OS installer.

React OS limitations

React OS limitations

A screen listing limitations of the current React OS installer.

React OS install screen

Installing React OS, not Windows XP, mind you. Sticking out tongue

Installing Zenwalk in Qemu

I am about to try Zenwalk, but before I burned it I've given it a go with Qemu, at least to take screenshots of the installation should I decide to write a review of it.

This screenshot shows my Arch desktop running Qemu from the terminal. In the Qemu window is the Zenwalk installation in progress. I didn't finish it though as it takes forever. I made enough screenshots and am gonna install full from the actual CD on a separate partition set. Smiling


Btw, if you wonder what's with the Star Trek "2008" wallpaper, it's the year when the newest Star Trek movie should have its premiere: Star Trek XI.