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Old vs. New look

Old vs. New look

This image compares the old theme with the new theme.

Bubbly Nuxified Desktop

A Nuxified desktop wallpaper with many bubbles and mascots in them. Smiling

Nuxified Desktop BSD Wallpaper

Who said we don't like BSD? For all you BSD users on Nuxified, here is a wallpaper you can use, in a true Nuxified style. Smiling

Nuxified Desktop GNU Wallpaper

A cute little GNU in a bubble spotted in the middle of this nice wallpaper. He's not trapped though, look at the shadow! He's just hungry for some attention! Eye

Nuxified Desktop Tux Wallpaper

A wallpaper with our default logo, Tux in a bubble. Smiling

Nuxified Desktop Trio Wallpaper

The three epic mascots of the Free Software movement, Tux, GNU and Beastie all spotlighted in one shiny wallpaper!

Nuxified Wallpaper

Nuxified Wallpaper

Here is a new Nuxified Wallpaper for your desktop. One rather subtle way to promote is to make (and share) your screenshots with this wallpaper on your desktop. The only website in the world with this unique name "Nuxified" is Eye