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ReactOS installer in qemu

React OS installer in qemu eating up whole of the processor time. Smiling

React OS Desktop

React OS Desktop

What is your reaction after looking at this? Eye

No it's NOT windows. It's better than Windows. Sticking out tongue It's Free!

ReactOS desktop in Qemu

Believe it or not, that is not Windows in that Qemu window. It is React OS. Eye

Installing Zenwalk in Qemu

I am about to try Zenwalk, but before I burned it I've given it a go with Qemu, at least to take screenshots of the installation should I decide to write a review of it.

This screenshot shows my Arch desktop running Qemu from the terminal. In the Qemu window is the Zenwalk installation in progress. I didn't finish it though as it takes forever. I made enough screenshots and am gonna install full from the actual CD on a separate partition set. Smiling


Btw, if you wonder what's with the Star Trek "2008" wallpaper, it's the year when the newest Star Trek movie should have its premiere: Star Trek XI.

Haiku OS Installer in Qemu

This is a screenshot of Haiku OS running in Qemu (not fullscreen but only the Qemu window region) showing "Haiku" and "Apps" tracker windows and an Installer program.

Haiku OS in Qemu

Haiku OS in Qemu

This screenshot shows Haiku OS (image build from 28th May 2006) running in Qemu under GNOME on GNU/Linux (Arch).

Haiku OS window shows a bash terminal and Tracker (file manager in Haiku and BeOS) window called "Haiku".

Edit: Note also that I have changed the background color as well as added those two indicators (belonging to the ProcessController program) in the top right besides the clock. Smiling