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Bubbly Nuxified Desktop

A Nuxified desktop wallpaper with many bubbles and mascots in them. Smiling

Nuxified Desktop BSD Wallpaper

Who said we don't like BSD? For all you BSD users on Nuxified, here is a wallpaper you can use, in a true Nuxified style. Smiling

Nuxified Desktop GNU Wallpaper

A cute little GNU in a bubble spotted in the middle of this nice wallpaper. He's not trapped though, look at the shadow! He's just hungry for some attention! Eye

Nuxified Desktop Tux Wallpaper

A wallpaper with our default logo, Tux in a bubble. Smiling

Nuxified Desktop Trio Wallpaper

The three epic mascots of the Free Software movement, Tux, GNU and Beastie all spotlighted in one shiny wallpaper!