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Server name could not be resolved

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Joined: 2006-05-04

I have a really weird problem right now with firefox, but also other similar browsers such as epiphany and galeon - not with konqueror though.

When I access, yes this very site, I get a 503: Service Unavailable "Server name could not be resolved" error further describing "The address of the requested server could not be resolved to an IP address."

I believe it is not a problem with nor the server where it is hosted because my host has checked and there doesn't seem to be a problem and (as you can see) I can actually access the site using konqueror. I can also ping it succesfuly and access it with links as well.

So the problem must be in firefox or something that underlies it as well as epiphany and galeon.. maybe even GNOME itself.

The weird thing about this is that I can get to all other sites except this one and the only thing that makes this particular site special coming anywhere close to justifying being the only one that doesn't work in these browsers is that it is the site I started (e.g. I must be under some sort of a funny curse for that) and the more serious reason, that it changed servers and thus the DNS recently (but then if there was a real DNS problem it would probably be inaccessible completely, not only in some programs, and then you probably wouldn't see it as well and my host would be on top of the problem).

I have tried deleting firefox cache, but that doesn't work. Anyone has any ideas?


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Has there been an upgrade of

Has there been an upgrade of firefox recently? If so, what happens when you downgrade?

Also, try renaming your firefox configuration directory (so it has to create a fresh one) and see what happens. (note I said renaming not deleting Eye )

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Thanks Taco Yes there was a