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Small Embedded Linux?

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Joined: 2006-02-17

If someone wanted to, very cheaply, build a tiny device that does fairly fast IP table filtering and provides both an SSH and web interface API that you can write PHP scripts for, what kind of hardware device would you be looking to get and what version of Linux would it be running?

The idea was that perhaps I could build my own broadband router and develop more user-friendly, reliable software for it than what most vendors put out.

Cost is also something I need to consider. It can't cost too much, but as much as $100 for the device might be something I'd be willing to spend if I knew I could do so much with it.

Meanwhile, there are other things to consider for such a device, such as URL filter proxy, honeypot, network virus scanner of LAN PCs, mail cleaner, popup blocker, etc.

I am impressed, however, with the board used by US Robotics in its broadband router. It's a fast OS on a single board and they've managed to build a really cool OS and set of web pages on it.


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I havn't much experience

I havn't much experience with this kind of thing - but I've heard a lot of good things about SmoothWall which is a GNU/Linux disto aimed at routers etc.
There is a fuller list of such distros on Wikipedia.

As for hardware I have no idea.



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