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sshfs, shfs and sftp

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Joined: 2006-05-04


Since I find FTP slow and limiting (not to mention lower security) I have decided to try using SSH for all of my file transfer needs for web site management. So, I have asked for and got an SSH access and am now trying options of using SSH for file transfer.

Namely I tried sshfs, shfs and normally sftp supported by konqueror and krusader (and nautilus too I hope?)

Now, shfs seems to be good, but it freezes my system when I try to access the mounted space with nautilus or thunar.

Shsfs however has a strange problem (at least how I perceive it). After I mount a remote space to say /mnt/remote and view its content with ls command I can normally see all files permissions as set on the remote server. I can also normally edit and delete the stuff in it. However, when I view that same directory using nautilus or thunar it is showing it as read only to me. Nautilus also says that I am not the owner of it so I can't change permissions.

So I either must be missing something or something is wrong somewhere. What do you think?

Also, ultimately, what would you recommend for use between sshfs, shfs and sftp?

Thank you

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hmm, I don't know about the programs you've mentioned, I usually use scp to copy files from one machine to another using ssh.


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Of those three, I have only used shfs, so I can't give any objective and useful comment...
Above scp I'd use rsync, which can copy an entire directory tree while not doubly transferring files...

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Joined: 2006-05-04

Okay, thanks.. I'll try scp with something at some point. It seems that sftp is my best bet for normal file transfers. It is more secure, maybe even faster and it is at least supported pretty well by konqueror and krusader (so the experience is much like having it mounted with shfs or shsfs which I may use for some command-line jobs) Smiling


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Joined: 2005-12-21

Bare sftp does not have tab completion.

I never tried shfs, because I don't like how it implements everything in the kernel. By the way, your problems seem to be in the FAQ.

Sshfs (one s more) uses the fuse kernel module, which apperently is quite simple, everything that doesn't need to be in the kernel is implemented in user space. It works fine with my favourite file manager (cp, mv, rm). I just tried to use it with rox, and I get this warning when moving a file:

Moving /home/taco/xyz as /home/taco/mnt/liacs/xyz
mv: failed to preserve ownership for `xyz': Permission denied
Failed to move /home/taco/xyz as /home/taco/mnt/liacs/xyz

There was one error.

Of course it can't set the remote user and group to the local user and group, cause remote that would be someone else. The file is actually transfered just fine and gets the remote user and group, which is what you actually want.

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