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Syslog Clearing Problem

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Joined: 2006-02-17

I have this syslog that collects input from SNARE, a FLOSS service that runs on WIndows and forwards this to my SLES9 server. Unfortunately the syslog settings are clearing the logfile out after so many days, wiping out something like an 8 hour window of time where we weren't able to see the logs.

What's the setting so that I always leave something like 2 day's worth of syslog information in the log, minimum?

As is now, my web page that filters this log file is turning up empty every once in a great while. By the next day, it's got new data and that lasts for about 4 days before it goes empty again.

I guess if I can't find that, then I'm going to just unzip the last log file, combine it with the current log file, run the filter on that, and generate the web page off of that. I use a cron job, Bash, sed, grep, and echo to do all this work.

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Joined: 2006-05-04

Hmm.. you might have probably resolved this already, but wouldn't this be set with cron?

I mean, crontab was set to delete syslog logs after a few days. That can be changed in /etc/cron directories or by running crontab program.

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