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Tiling maximized windows in openbox [solved]

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One of the things annoying me away from openbox is the tiling problem of maximized windows. If I have an xfce4-panel at the bottom of the screen and then maximize a window (of a browser for example) it will not tile to the panel at the bottom, but will go below it, taking up the whole of the screen and causing the bottom most part of the maximized window to be obstructed from view by the panel.

What should happen instead is that the maximized window limits its maximization at the line where the panel starts.

I've attached the shots showing what happens and how I think it should look properly.

The first screenshot shows the problem: the maximized window goes below the panel. The second screenshot shows what should happen (I've manully resized it to the proper maximized position); the maximization stops where panel begins.

Any ideas how would I fix this issue in openbox?

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the first sub-question that

the first sub-question that pops up is where the probhlem lies: openbox of xfce4-panel ? To determine this, you could try out fspanel, fbpanel, pypanel, perlpanel, gnome-panel or kicker (see to see if they work correctly.

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Well it seems the problem is

Well it seems the problem is in xfce4-panel then. Pypanel, fbpanel and gnome-panel tile properly.

But tiling of xfce panel works within Xfce itself. I would suppose then that there is a separate xfce component that deals with tiling that I need to start along with openbox..

Gonna look for it..

Thanks for a hint free-zombie! Smiling

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Joined: 2006-05-04
I've found a solution to

I've found a solution to this and it's really simple.

It just took figuring out how is this feature called: "strut". I saw an option in fbpanel configuration that was supposed to enable "strut" and when I enabled it on and off I knew it's what I want. But xfce4-panel doesn't have this option because, apparently, if it is let to initialize completely it has it already enabled by default.

Here is where I found the solution: (Kudos to Peng Xiaoyu Smiling )


Will Udovich just told me to use a simple_strut program
but today, i found a magic way to solve this problem Smiling

simply add a sleep time before lanuch openbox
let xfce4-panel complete its initialization first

He then gave his .xinitrc as example. Here is mine (only the openbox part since I have lots of other optional (commented) entries:

fbsetbg -a /mnt/data/images/space/hideaway_nielsen_big.jpg&
sleep 1
thunar /home/daniel/Desktop&
exec openbox

So sleep 1 is delaying further executions giving time to xfce4-panel to initiate completely before moving on to the next command. Smiling

And this is now great. Laughing out loud


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