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tip: make firefox's buttons and entries look lighter

by default, firefox buttons and input fields are ugly Windows-95-style - this does not look good at all in a modern GNU/Linux environment IMHO; so I did a wee bit about it; the index page looks like this for me now:

This was a simple matter of feeding firefox some new default css — I put the following code into ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/chrome/userContent.css:

button, input[type=submit], input[type=reset] {
    background: -moz-Dialog;
    color: -moz-DialogText;
    border: 1px outset #CCC;

input:not([type]), input[type=password], input[type=text], select,
input[type=file], textarea {
    background: -moz-Field;
    color: -moz-FieldText;
    border: 1px inset #888;

I haven't found a way to style the buttons which are part of input[type=file] and select yet.


Nice tip! I don't really

Nice tip! I don't really mind those buttons so much, but I like a good style so I'll probably try this.

Btw, the theme you're using looks quite cool. Is that a Firefox theme or a GTK theme?

Never noticed them being

Never noticed them being dark really.. I always use different themes anyway..

andrew, firefox buttons

andrew, firefox buttons always look the same; with "lighter" I meant light-weight Eye
the theme is rezlooks, which isn't 100% respected by firefox2, which draws its controls the way it likes Eye

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