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A donation drive day/week/month

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Joined: 2006-05-04

Months ago, one of our senior members, though not as active lately, had a rather good idea that was discussed a bit in this thread.

I was reminded of it while talking to a developer of one project who is in need of contributors and could also use donations to buy equipment necessary for testing the software they are developing (a libburn project).

I suppose what stalled that idea from coming to fruition was .. partly me actually as I first didn't get it talking about collecting and dispersing money ourselves (which isn't the point) and then mentioning the Libervis Alliance. Partly it was the mention of a Software Freedom Day which isn't exactly it.

So I am restarting the conversation here. The idea is cutting to the chase and making it really really simple. We open a new site, we make loads of cool buttons and practically start up a whole community-powered campaign about a certain day, week or a month which would be marked for a big worldwide donation drive towards Free Software projects. We wouldn't be the ones collecting the money. Noone would. There would be no intermediary. The whole point is in simply creating a buzz which would encourage people to donate more at a specific time of the year.

The website of this campaign would list the biggest registered and confirmed donations. The way they would be registered is simple. We would allow developers to give us the names of donators along with their donations (with their permission for being mentioned, of course) and put this up in our site database. Biggest donations get most attention.

It's an idea.. Maybe it can be tried since it is very simple. If the community supports the idea it should fly under community power on its own (since I don't have the advertising budget to fuel a big advertising campaign for it myself). If community doesn't see it as that great it would simply flop. No problem.

What do you think?