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A special twist in the gamefest: betting!

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No, it is not about having spectators bet their money on who's going to win a match, not that this couldn't happen, we just wont be the ones partaking in it.

The idea is something different, a bit of a twist to the gamefest that could make things quite fun. In an earlier thread I mentioned a reward system based on points.

Now what if we allow a player to bet at a certain amount of points that he has accumulated that he will win a voluntary match set up outside of the main brackets? Say the player has 20 points and bets 5 of them to win against another player. If the other player accepts the challenge and wins he gains these 5 points while the challenger loses them (being left with only 15) or, of course, vice versa.

Yes, this does mean that The Ultimate Player of the Freedomware Gamefest 2007 may also end up being the one with good betting skills, but don't forget the fact that he still does have to WIN the match he is betting on, meaning that he does in a way deserve all the points he accumulated this way. Eye

What do you think?


Joined: 2007-08-12
This isn't a horse race!

This isn't a horse race! You'll clog the internet tubes!

In all seriousness, sounds like a rather cool idea actually Smiling

Joined: 2006-03-28
Sounds a bit like these

Sounds a bit like these challenges you can have when playing Unreal Tournament in single-player-mode. Between the tournament-matches you can either challenge another team or get challenged by one, for money (which is needed to compete in the tournament).
Though there it's not that interesting, since it's mostly 1-on-1 and the opponent usually stands no chance (often enough I had flawless victories there) it might be interesting in our tourney to have "side-matches" between competitors.
This could even involve only certain members of teams (for example also in a 1-on-1) to compete for their team and thus betting team-points instead of individual points.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
That's the idea - side

That's the idea - side matches. These wouldn't at all affect the brackets and the outcomes of the tournaments, but merely the amount of points each player has and therefore the final overall game fest chart of all players that were involved.

In overall cross-game points we wouldn't have team-points though, unless people think this too would be a good idea, in which case we could do it, but then we have to decide how.

Maybe it can be the same as for individuals, but counting team wins instead of individual wins. In this case we would have to maintain two separate charts, one for teams and one for all individuals.

Then.. yes.. betting team points in challenges could be done too, although all members of a team would have to agree to this. Smiling

There are many ways this could be done.. one member of a team can bet either his personal points or his team's points playing against another player of his choosing who may accept. OR whole team can decide to do a challenge and bet their team points against another team. OR an individual not belonging to any team bets his points against another individual player. Smiling

But.. we don't have to rack our head around this right now (it's not that complicated though): bottom line is do we accept this possibility or not? The two of you seem to be for it so far. Smiling

Then we simply provision that as a possibility in our rules and announce it as such for those who may be interested. When someone wants to do an independent challenge like this, they have to apply for it in these forums and name their opponent, then the opponent has to either accept or decline and schedule a match.


Joined: 2007-09-10
I vote for gambling

A few questions pop into my mind as I read over earlier replies, but these have nothing to do with wagering.

-- team votes
-- time sensitive communications

>> Then.. yes.. betting team points in challenges could be done too, although all members of a team would have to agree to this.

This brings up a related matter. Should we consider cases where one or several, but not all, of the members of a team can speak on behalf of the team? Is there a concept of a captain? Do we go for plurality vote? And do we have a system in place for forming non-clan teams?

Maybe we can have the specific team situation dictate these rules. Eg, a clan registered team might voluntarily allow for a captain, but a team made of walk-ins might have the condition of plurality. And we might have a team that requires padding to reach some higher number of players. In this case, the component of the team that was there originally might decide to vote as a block automatically.

>> When someone wants to do an independent challenge like this, they have to apply for it in these forums and name their opponent, then the opponent has to either accept or decline and schedule a match.

Nice and practical. The wesite, if it has a section devoted to each game or game-mode or whatever, should have a link to the forum where such challenges can be made/accepted.

This brings up another issue. For making last minute announcement or showing up to the minute news, might we want to have a section of the website that streams the latest news or at least provides a link to all the areas where people should be checking frequently? An alarm clock pic can be used to indicate whether there is important news that is time sensitive.. something so that at a glance visitors can know what is important to focus on. Also, should we encourage players to be on IRC channels at certain times?

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Joined: 2006-05-04
If betting team points

If betting team points would end up requiring teams to elect a leader then I vote for disabling the whole idea. We don't want to hold elections. We want to play games and have some fun.

Exceptions may be for clans, teams who already exist for quite a while and already have leaders (like Tremulous teams), if it suits them.. but that's it.

Also, IRC announcements sound good. Other things if they can be done effectively could be good, but personally I am inclined to encourage people to go on IRC. We can post instructions for that for those who don't usually go there.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
The new points system,

The new points system, based on the ratio between games won and games played and ultimately the number of games played requires a change in the way betting would be done, or its removal as a possibility.

First thing that comes to mind, now that players don't actually have numbered points, but rather a "percentage" is to bet wins. So if a bet is lost the number of wins being bet is lost hence affecting the final percentage/ratio.

So if a player A played 10 matches and won 5 of them he can bet 2 points in a challenge to a player B who won 7 matches of 10 played. If player A wins, he will increase his wins from 5 to 7 while the player B will have his wins decrease from 7 to 5.

I think this whole betting business should be strictly optional and painted with a clear disclaimer that this affects the charts upon which winners can be affected.. In other words, if one indulges in betting he should face the possibility that his loss might reduce his chances of winning the fest.

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