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Agreeing to licences to use software

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I've noticed that the Restrictions page in the Why Not Windows? section starts with a quote that reads "If you go to most of the free software sites you can click down a couple of levels and find the [GNU] GPL, the X license, the Apache license, whichever terms and conditions you have to accept in order to use that software". That's not correct, as you don't have to agree to those licences to use the software, as they're copyright licences rather than contracts. You only have to follow them when distributing the software, to avoid copyright infringement. Also, the difference in the licences for free and proprietary software isn't primarily that in one the licence is hidden and in the other it's easy to find, as that quote implies, it's that one contains harsh restrictions whereas the other respects your freedom. Therefore I don't think that quote is very appropriate for that page.

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You are right.I chose this

You are right.
I chose this quote, because it enables to attack head-on the theme of productivity & business. The N°1 opposition to free software that I keep encountering, is "it's not good for business, jobs and the economy".
The part I like in the quote is


they're asking you to turn off part of your brain, they're asking you to turn off part of your ability to work with other people and to do business

I'd really like to have something along these lines, in the top-of-article quote.
Does anyone know of a good substitute? Or should we shorten/cut the quote somehow?


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