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America's Army

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America's Army was thought by, who else, the US Army as a recruitment and training tool (kill! kill! kill the terrorists!). Free to join and use but it can't cat-up with commercial games. It's more fun being the bad guy?!? Laughing out loud

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it isn't free

America's Army isn't free. There are some nice free FPS games for GNU/Linux however.

Even if it was, I wouldn't use something that's just a recruitment tool for the US military. (I'm American btw.)

Joined: 2006-03-28
Well, being the good guy

Well, being the good guy doesn't have to mean less fun.
I tried America's Army quite a long time ago and it was just boring.
There's so many cool games where you are the good guy and there are really great ones, like the Rainbow Six series for example (okay, that's not for Linux, but it's a good example).

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OK. OK. It's gratis, not

OK. OK. It's gratis, not libre. When the game first came out I stayed up every night for months playing it.

Now I've moved into Rainbow Six games, but America's Army was still great fun in its day.

Joined: 2006-01-02
Haven't tried it. AFAIK, AA

Haven't tried it. AFAIK, AA is not being developed for linux anymore.
Atleast not released for Linux any longer.
I might pick up an old copy and try it out for the hell of it. :]

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