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another free webmail suggestion

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Joined: 2006-06-19 is taken over by (and they still haven't transferred my emails successfully !@#$%^, i.e., no email for 3 days).
So now I want to open a new account somewhere. I liked linuxmail because it "endorses" linux. Are there any other linux-based free
webmail. No, I'm not interested in suggestions like yahoo, gmail, excite, etc - I know there are free webmails everywhere. I'm asking if you know any free webmail that "endorses" linux, gnu, or open source.


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Joined: 2006-05-04
There was, but

There was, but they unfortunately closed as I just learned. A guy here mentioned as an alternative.

You could also host your own email if you have web hosting and a domain name.

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Joined: 2006-01-03
well if you really can't

well maybe a forwarding mail address at (yourname at or (yourname at can also help. Just register an account and you'll be able to use the forwarding address Smiling They are not perfect, but at least you can get a free software "branded" address Smiling

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And to add to Whistler's

And to add to Whistler's comment: If you have any mail-provider that will allow you to send with a different name (GMail allows this) you can even send with that redirector-address.

I have an account at SourceForge (as I have 2 projects there) and use my otherwise pretty idle mail-account from my ISP to send using that name, as they also allow me to send using email-addresses other than the registered one.

On the other hand I think registering at SourceForge or OpenOffice solely to get a redirecting email-address isn't very nice.

Joined: 2006-06-19
Thank you for replying.

Thank you for replying. Right now, I'm still able to use my linuxmail address although no new signup is allowed. In the long
term, I wouldn't be surprised that forces me to change address. When that comes, I'll revisit the issue.