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Anti virus????

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My laptop came with a free 90 day trial of Norton Antivirus. This is soon due to expire so i've been searching around for new software. Problem is, i aint made of money so i need something cheap or preferably a free download.

On the download front, AVG free doesn't really appeal and im leaning towards downloading the free version of Avast.

On the other hand, I noticed Norton Antivirus being sold for ?10 (around $20) in my local Gamestation Outlet (a video game shop). It was packaged and all, but is it trustworthy for such a cheap price? Especially as Norton appears to cost around ?40 online.

I am a basic home user that uses MSN, Limewire and surfs the internet alot. I don't download a large number of things. Any opinions or advice?

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What can I say... you

What can I say... you listed a lot of software that nuxified doesn't support. The "free" in "free software support community" doesn't mean asking questions costs nothing (although that happens to be true), it doesn't mean the software we support costs nothing (although usually it does), it means we support software that doesn't bind the user to a restrictive contract. It is about freedom. here's some explanation. The term "Open Source" refers to a similar concept, which may be more familiar to you.

So, sticking to the forum rules I'd have to recommend a freedomware virus scanner for windows... The only one I know of is ClamWin, and I can't recommend that one because it doesn't have on-access scanning (scanning every program before it's started and scanning every file before it is opened). That means you have to manually tell it to scan each file you download... everyone who is not a robot is going to forget that sometime, and will then by Murphy's law get a virus.

Breaking the forum rules, I'll tell you that I used to use avira antivir, and it's a fine virusscanner as far as I know.

So why aren't there any good freedomware virus scanners? That's because in completely freedomware based systems (where instead of windows we use a free OS like GNU/Linux), we don't have the virus problem. That's right: no viruses, no need for a virus scanner. And actually we do have a good one, ClamAV (of which ClamWin is a derivative), but it is not used on desktop computers, it is used on servers... to protect windows computers from email containing viruses!

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