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Any latinoamericano or español over here?

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Joined: 2006-09-11

Hi, everyone!

I'm looking for someone who speaks Spanish and is willing to blog on our Spanish Blog.

I don't have enough time to update it as I wish, and we have good relations with Spanish speaking Freedomware communities, so it's very important for us to keep it up-to-date.

For further information, please visit:


Joined: 2007-09-10
I don't spend time writing

I don't spend time writing [in] Spanish, and my vocabulary is somewhat limited. I am also not very interested in making a commitment, but I may be willing to chip in. What would be necessary would be to have someone clean up after me. Over time I should improve (assuming I remain interested).

Why don't you run me through some examples of what English material to look at and translate. Hey, aren't there online services that translate? How much original content do you want?

I doubt I am the person you seek, but I may be able to give a hand periodically.


I went to and got the following translation of the above:

No paso tiempo que escribe español, y mi vocabulario es algo limitado. No estoy también muy interesado en la fabricación de una comisión, sino que puedo estar dispuesto a saltar adentro. Cuál sería necesario sea tener alguien limpio para arriba después de mí. En un cierto plazo debo mejorar (asumiendo sigo siendo interesado). Porqué no lo haga usted me funciona con algunos ejemplos de qué material inglés a mirar y a traducir. ¿Hey, no hay los servicios en línea que traducen? Cuánto contenido original usted desea? Dudo que soy la persona que usted busca, pero puedo poder dar una mano periódicamente.

Putting in some effort, I cleaned it up as follows (hopefully for the better :/ )..

No tengo el habito de escribir en español, y mi vocabulario es(ta?) un poco limitado. También no estoy muy interesado en [la fabricación de una comisión ??], pero estoy dispuesto a hacer un poco de efuerzo para ayudar. Fuera necesario que alguien arreglara(iera??) los errores que yo hiciera. En lo que va pasando el tiempo debo(?) de mejorar (asumiendo que me mantenga interesado).

Porqué no me da unos ejemplos del tipo de material en Ingles que debo de leer y traducir. Espera. No hay servicios en línea(??) que traducen? Cuánto contenido original usted desea?

Dudo que yo sea la persona que usted busca, pero posiblemente podre darle una mano de vez en cuando.

Understand that I don't really know the Spanish grammar rules very well, but since I speak Spanish with some of my family, I am not clueless either, even if I don't speak as well as I could. I also looked up some word definitions and spelling. Basically, the translation I "fixed up" is roughly what I might say to relatives. This is how I speak even if I am using the wrong words (or made up words) and the tenses are off. [Not to mention that I don't use the more polite form of you.] I did however keep some phrases and words from babelfish that I otherwise would not have used.

I'd be willing to spend a small amount of time on this weekly basis (with no long term commitment).

Hey! What's this about? This isn't an automation feature I take it?

PS: I don't spend any time reading Spanish, which is something that would otherwise help when writing Spanish.
PS2: Note that I don't use accents. My keyboard isn't set up. I also wouldn't really know where to place them. The accents you see above are what remained from the babelfish translation.
PS3: I would NOT be insulted if you aren't interested. Spanish isn't my strong point, nor is it something I would be willing to work on aggressively to improve (ie, I have no desire to make it a strong point). Also, over time, I may actually get even sloppier.
PS4: I don't know how most "technical" terms are said in Spanish, not even the basic ones.

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Joined: 2006-09-11
Hello, Jose! It would be

Hello, Jose!

It would be great if you could help me out, at least in the short term as you say.

Your Spanish is good! Before submitting your posts, I would review it to fix things if required.

I'm talking to you by PM...


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Joined: 2008-02-17
I can help if you want, i'm

I can help if you want, i'm working on some translations teams by now. And i think i can join this effort too.
If you think i could help, let me know.
I'll be around.

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