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Aren't magazines talking about switching from Windows more and more?

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Looks like there is a significant increase of general computer magazines featuring stories about switching from Windows to GNU/Linux, usually the darling Ubuntu. I've seen quite a few stories going around some bigger sites on the web and now it appears the fever if I may call it that, caught Croatia too, or at least one of the major computer magazines here called "Bug". See the shots in my attachment. It's on the front page and it says "Switching from Windows to Linux"! Smiling And the actual article is quite favorable.

It just feels good to finally be able to read a local general computer magazine and not feel kind of left out because all they would talk about is Windows, Mac or what not. GNU/Linux and through it Free Software in general is really starting to have its place. Smiling

Did you notice the same thing in your country?

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It differs... c't, which is

It differs... c't, which is a high-quality serious respected computer magazine introduced me to GNU/Linux something like 5 years ago now and has been pretty consistently mentioning it since, including some free software news, howto-style articles, information on Linux compatibility in many multi-laptop reviews, and Knoppix CDs.

I think I remember seeing something on Linux in a Computer Bild, which quite surprises me since the last time I looked into one it comprised mostly of screen shot tours of windows programs, and little actual text.

But then, I don't really follow magazines ;-)

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I remember Computer Bild

I remember Computer Bild having a series about Linux a couple of years ago. If after that they picked up having something about Linux more or less frequently I don't know since I've never read it, and after I moved to HK I had no more access anyway.

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Some magazines here have

Some magazines here have occasionally been having stories about GNU/Linux or small sections dedicated to it, but it was always like that geeky corner, I suppose because it has been strong for servers and geeks quite a long time now, but this is the first time I'm really seeing it being promoted as something for the masses, for not so geeky users.

I don't track magazines that much myself either. I only occasionally buy one. This time my sister bought it when she was on vacation and told me that there is a story in it about switching from Windows to GNU/Linux which immediately got me interested, which she, of course, expected. Eye


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