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Armagetron Advanced tournament scheduling

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Joined: 2006-05-04

We have qualification groups defined here:

And we have rules here:

In this topic we can discuss best times to do the Armagetron Advanced matches. The qualification matches have a very simple layout - three times all in one group plays with each other on a server set up according to our match configuration.

After these three matches we should have a chart of players from first to fifth in each group and the last two of them would be disqualified.

EDIT: Since luke-jr also joined in the last moment we have 12 players which now makes it possible to have 4 groups of 3 players. This doesn't change much, just that the three matches per group now involve 3 instead of 5 players and only one weakest of each group is disqualified.

They will be awarded points based on how they did in game. The winner is the one reaching 10 in-game points first. Which place will others be on is also determined based on in game points and then we award them out-of-game gamefest points based on this chart. We use the out-of-game points rather than accumulating in-game points mostly to balance out the points system with other tournaments with respect to every player's chance to win the whole gamefest and the main prize.

Anyway, if you're one of the players listed on the AA tournament page please post your availability here and when you think would be the best time for you to do a match.

EDIT: Oh and post your high/low rubber preferences too. It'll help us decide how we set rubber on each match. As you can read in the rules it is either based on player vote or if it's too controversial, once as high and two times low. But if all or big majority of the group wants it low, for example, we can do low all three matches. Smiling


Joined: 2007-11-09
week-ends evening 19GMT

week-ends evening 19GMT should be fine for the most
(that's how it runs by most tournaments in arma Smiling )

/me prefers low-rubber
(group 1 btw)

Joined: 2007-11-02
After 18 GMT on weekdays,

After 18 GMT on weekdays, except for Wednesdays
Anytime on weekends

I prefer low rubber

Joined: 2007-11-02
I'm usually available on

I'm usually available on weekdays in the evening after 19GMT (except for thursday) or during the weekends.

Low rubber all the way!

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Two matches scheduled for

Two matches scheduled for next weekend at 19 GMT. You can see the info here:

-- First Group 1 Match: Saturday January 12, 19h GMT
-- First Group 2 Match: Sunday January 13, 19h GMT

Not many here posted their preferred times, but as epsy said most might be good for this time because it is standard time for tournaments so I'm really hoping everyone will show up.

Basically, we need goodkoen, epsy and free-zombie on Saturday evening and zion, Lackadaisical and MaZuffeR on Sunday evening. Smiling

Servers are ready and named as "Freedomware Gamefest" in AA list. I'll still test them out to make sure all is fine before the matches.


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