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Armagetron Advanced, what's the catch?

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Joined: 2006-05-04

I just tried Armagetron Advanced and it seems to be a 3D version of the good old "snake" game. I can imagine it may be to a point fun to compete with others online with this, but it seems to be popular enough to suggest that there's more to it than that? What's the catch?

It was mentioned among the preferred games a couple of times in our tournament sign up thread and I'm considering featuring it in a second video about the tourney with non-FPS games.


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Joined: 2006-03-08
Have you actually played it

Have you actually played it online yet ? The "catch" in classical armagetron is that while the rules may be simple (you have a tail that may or may not have a maximum length (variety ;-), you can only turn 90°, grinding player walls speeds you up), effectively cornering opponents can take a lot of skill, and strategies are varied. Now the current version is more: it adds support for maps (with different angles if you want) and many possible variations involving "something happens when you enter a zone"-style rules. The most popular is the "Fortress" game, which is essentially a CTF-style team game.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
I've just been to a server

I've just been to a server which has quite a few apparently very good players.. What wreckage was that! I think I see now what's up with that. Judging from some videos, what I just saw on a server is nothing...

I think I'll take part or parts of this video and put it in the second promo video with attribution (since that's all what the author requires).

Looking at a video like that one makes me think "game festival" for some reason.. That's what our tourney could really be. I invited people over on Armagetron forums so maybe we get more than a couple of players to join for it to be included.

This is what our tournament really is.. It is a festival of Free Software games which everyone interested can participate in. And fans of specific games should especially take notice as this is their chance to get promotion!

Joined: 2007-09-20

The server variables and XML maps create infinite gameplay possibilities and provide potential for the game to grow rapidly. High speed/rubber deathmatch servers are some of the more popular servers (in terms of presence in the master server list and population of players). Most novice players associate with this style of play. Older players tend to play the slower speed dm, sumo, fortress, crazy fortress. Capture the Flag and styball bridge the gap some. There have been a number of organized tourneys and leagues. There is an AFL for teams to play fortress in a round-robin season, seeding a playoff. Here you can find info about the tourneys. The support and documentation for AA is very good. You can play it on some really old hardware too. You should play with some regulars from #armagetron@freenode to get a better picture.

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