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Asterisk over CentOS the module for Digium TE121 is not in the zaptel file

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Hello I have a CentOS OS that have asterisk installed, also zaptel, but when I use the:

lspci command

I have the next asnwer:
03:80.0 Ethernet controller: Unknown device d161:8000 (rev 11)

I also check the zaptel file that contain the modules that can support and the wcte12xp module is not in the file, so I think the problem is that the driver is not install into the OS.

I know that we can migrate to dahdi, but at this time I need a zaptel file that can support this card, does anyone can help me with this issue?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Re: Asterisk over CentOS the module for Digium TE121 is not ...

I haven't used Asterisk before, but if it's the driver that's not installed then that seems like the first thing to try. It might be available to the kernel, but not loaded. Output of modprobe wcte12xp could be helpful.

If you were compiling it's also possible you haven't compiled wcte12xp into the kernel or as a module. There could be some hints with regards to that here.

Also, unless you already read it, this guide might be helpful, though I'm not sure it applies here..

Anybody else has more experience with this?

Edit: From what little digging I did, looks like dahdi is a more supported option.. There's an installation guide on Digium TE121 product page which says to support CentOS: "Asterisk® / DAHDI / Libpri Quick Start Installation".

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