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Back from the RMLL

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Joined: 2006-07-13

I have returned from the Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre two days ago and have been extremely enthusiastic about the event. Being there (my first time in a free-software related event) has been an excellent source of motivation and fresh thinking about GLM.

Most of all this has put me back in shape a little. I reckon that I haven't been extremely productive over the last two weeks, because of various personal problems (mostly, depression). Preparing for the conference, planning the trip, and jumping in the pool of ideas flying over there helped quite a lot. I'll now do my best to catch up with what has been happening here now.

First, my conference went well. Not too many people (and actually a slightly uneasy start, with only 6 or so in the room, rising up to about 20 in ten minutes) but enough to make an audience nevertheless (20 was the average audience of the conferences I went to anyway). I went through the main problems and challenges that we faced in order for free software to surpass proprietary software. I tried to analyze how well the main players (Canonical, Mozilla) were doing and what we could learn from it. I quite enjoy being there, speaking out. Having so much hanging from my voice and what I say, feels very much like windsurfing (hung under a sail skimming the waters) to me ;-) (crazy, I know).
There were a few questions and a couple of very interesting remarks, especially feedback about advocating free software to various people (elderly or busy). Time went by rather quickly...
I'll release the commented slides in French this week, and in English probably next week.

Outside of this, I helped a few hours on the booth of the APRIL, our national FSF now 1500 members strong, which was the opportunity for several interesting conversations. I was also able to have a chat with people from the Gnome-fr and teams about GLM and GGL.o .
Sadly the fact that I'm not a big out-goer/drinker, and especially that I was particularly exhausted that week (I slept 10+hrs a day, including during lunch break), kept me away from the evening events, which would have been the opportunity for more socializing. Ah, next time probably :-)

Generally, listening to such a variety of conferences - from the OOXML problem to women in free software, with Jabber and the project in between - joyfully rang bells everywhere in my head.
In the immediate future, this is what it's going to mean for GLM:
- More openness from GLM, communicating more about who we are and what we do
- Using of a bug tracker (or, "the return of the project manager") systematically - Gustavo already has set-up a Trac installation
- Making sure the 5 current languages are all up-to-date. I'll try to work a lot on that (probably using version numbers) so that all sites go together
- And... meeting Gustavo in person, having discovered how productive and enriching real-life encounters can be compared to electronic conversations ;-)

As for longer-term ideas, there are plenty... I have written many pages of notes and will write them out in a blog as the summer goes along.

One very distinct thought remains: start again! I'll definitely be back next year at the RMLL (hopefully with a GLM booth). I'll also try to take part in more conferences in Europe this year.



Joined: 2006-03-28
Do you have a good site

Do you have a good site where you can find dates and locations for conferences?
I'd also like to have a look around here, if there's anything in Hong Kong or maybe southern China (though I guess China-conferences would mostly be in places like Beijing or Shanghai).

But it's good to hear that it went well. I hope you can implement all your ideas to make GLM become a better and spread the word more efficient.

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Joined: 2006-09-11
It's good to know that


It's good to know that everything went well!

The idea about versioning the websites sounds good!


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Joined: 2006-07-13
Sadly I don't know of any

Sadly I don't know of any place that lists such conferences.
For the French-speaking community, there is the Agenda du Libre (silent right now since August is always very quiet in France) but I don't know of equivalents in other languages.

I have postulated to speak at two more French conferences, one in Lyon in October and one in Sophia-Antipolis (close to my parents') in November; and one German conference, Ubucon in Niederrein in Krefeld in October as well. I'll give an announcement as soon as I have an answer.

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