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Backup for files on the computer

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How to create backup of anything on the computer?

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Hi Emy,I moved your post

Hi Emy,

I moved your post to the general forum because it is quite a general question. Smiling

There are many ways you can make a backup because backup is really nothing else but copying what you have on your computer to another place where it will be safe even if something happens to your computer that would cause loss of data.

That other backup place can be a CD, DVD, USB stick, another hard disk or even a safe passworded place on the internet.

Say you have a bunch of photos on your computer that you copied from your camera and want to back them up on your CD. Then you just need to know how to burn a CD. You use a CD burner application where you select the folder of those photos and, once you enter a blank CD in the drive, hit the burn button (there is usually a burn button Eye ).

Same goes for DVDs. Backing up to a USB stick is even easier. You just put the stick into an USB port and move the folder to it.

As for backing up stuff on the internet, this is possible by using one of the online storage services. Some are free and some are for fee I believe (never tried them), but they usually give you an amount of space and a utility with which to upload your stuff and a password with which you can access it.

If you're doing a backup of something choose any of the methods above and let us know if you need help with it (we could recommend some Freedomware methods Eye ).

(Sorry if I was being a bit too thorough above, I don't know your experience level.)


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Like libervisco said, you

Like libervisco said, you don't need special software to do backups, just copy the files to a safe place. (unless you want to make backups of an entire disk at once, then it is better to use disk-imaging software)

Two recommendations:

- do NOT use rewritable CDs or DVDs for backups. They're not reliable enough... and you can overwrite them by mistake.

- if you're working on something really important, buy an external (USB) harddisk, and copy your important files to it at the end of every day, making a new directory on the disk for each day. This way you can undo any disaster by going back any number of days, without drowning in CDs. Don't use a USB stick (also known as pendrive) for daily backups, they're both too unreliable and too small for this type of usage. Use a real harddisk (they're big and have a on/off button).

Joined: 2008-03-26

It was really of a good help , I think I should oopt for dvd , that would be better.
Actuallu for few months i havent touched my PC ,because of studies , so I was thimking to get it re-installed

Thanx to both of you!


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No problem. I thought of

No problem. I thought of suggesting, before you re-install, to consider trying Linux, but.. from another topic looks like you've already re-installed. (But, hey, there's always a second time Sticking out tongue ).

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If you want to back up an entire filesystem (partition), take a look at the program Partimage.

Since you are using a DVD for backup, you might be able to fit everything on it with no special processing (just burning the files straight to the DVD). Otherwise, just use any archiver and compression (tar/bzip2, 7zip, dar) and burn the archive file to the DVD.

For DVD burning, I recommend using K3b. It is a nice and straightforward burning program from KDE. Ionno how other programs compare; I have never needed another.

If you really want an education experience though, do this all on the command line. Learn to use whatever archiver you are and how to burn DVDs with cdrecord/wodim.

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Just recently at work I

Just recently at work I learned about rsnapshot, which seems to be quite easy to use.
Another nice tool, which I now like using to backup my PC and the notebook is Bacula. Might be a bit of overkill for just one box as it's made to backup servers over the network, preferrably to tapes, but it works nicely.

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