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Blue Screen

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Joined: 2008-03-26

I recently acquired a semi-new computer from my bother, and the problem with it is that sometimes I get the blue screen error and window reboots. The blue screen lasts about half a second so I never have a chance to see what the problem is.

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You know... blue screens

You know... blue screens just happen on Windows. What we've been telling you is that this forum is for only Free Software AKA Freedomware AKA "Open Source" software, software which you can freely use and share - and Windows does not qualify (it is illegal to share it so we actually oppose its use).

We can help you with problems that have to do directly with Free Software that runs either on Windows or on some other operating system, but not with problems that have to do with proprietary software such as Windows.

So we can't help. In fact, most of us here actually don't even use Windows enough to know the ins and outs regarding Windows-specific problems, like these "blue screens of death". It's hard to know what causes these problems anyway, because the code is hidden so experts can't look and see what exactly is happening.

That said, my strong suggestion to you, as in fact the solution to these problems you've been having is this: Switch to Linux. Seriously, it WILL help. Not only that, but we WILL be able to help you MORE too. Smiling We can even help you do it safely. You don't even have to delete Windows, you can have both.

Pick one of the distros from here, or just go with Ubuntu (personal recommendation), and soon enough you wont need to deal with blue screens anymore. Smiling

How about it?


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Just a little note: if the

Just a little note: if the blue screen happens to be caused by a hardware problem (hey, that does happen), her problem might change from blue screens to kernel panics. Not a big improvement.

But most likely switching to some version of Linux or another will solve all troubles.

Joined: 2006-06-19
This place is the wrong

This place is the wrong place to ask window question. I have been window-free (and free from viruses, malwares,
spywares, registry problems, bloated OS, etc) for 5+ years - so I definitely can't help. If you insist on fixing
your window problem, try ask in one of the window forums (linux, window, macs, programming, etc) (linux, window, audio, HDTV, etc)


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