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Brief downtime expected today, moving to a new server

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Joined: 2006-05-04

I would just like to note that sometime during the day will be moving to a new (faster) server and it may therefore go down for a brief amount of time.

After the move, next in line is upgrading the site to a better version of Drupal and making a few improvements to the design.

Thank you for understanding.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
It is done, finally. The

It is done, finally. The move was finally initiated by my host the next night and then we had to wait for the DNS propagation. Unfortunately, there was a little incompatibility in a PHP ad code with PHP5 which is running on the new server which caused the site to display an error, but since the domain name was still for the time being pointing to an old server, modifying it there to fix the error had, obviously, no effect on the copy of the site on the new server, which was restored from a backup.

In any case, no posts seem to be lost. The worst that happened is that the site displayed an error for those who had it propagated earlier for up to a whole day at the most. :S My sincere apologies for that.

Well, we're back up now. The site should be faster and improvements and upgrade should follow soonish.


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