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Campfire live forum for

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Joined: 2006-05-04

Slicehost, a company to which I pay for my VPS has a campfire tech support space which is where I found out about it and got quite impressed by what I saw. Here is the tour.

After the tour my impulse was pretty much to just go and sign up for one to offer as an option to visitors and members. While we do have IRC, not everyone is accustomed to IRC and this campfire tool offers much more. It is almost like forums, except completely live. You can attach images in it and they appear live in a nice looking layout. It's something that would really appeal to new users I believe.

Now, the thing is that the basic free campfire account allows only 4 people simultaneously chatting and only 10 MB of space. Bigger plans quickly approach even my monthly costs for the VPS server so that's a bit of a drag to setting this up. Sure I could set up a free campfire room just to test it out and offer it either for internal discussions (but we have IRC for that) or for an occasional new user that may want to ask for help this way, but with no ability to have more than 4 people in there at the same time, it doesn't really seem like it could be very helpful.

Still, it's an idea to start with so I'm wondering what would be your thoughts?

An ideal thing would be to find a software that provides similar functionality and host it on our own or perhaps provide some sort of an AJAXy interface to our IRC channels (or #tuxhacker) and host that, something so easy to use that people wouldn't even be aware they're actually using the geeky old IRC. Eye

Anyway, this concept which I like to call "Live Forums" is attracting me quite a bit. Smiling