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Chinese New Year 2007

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As promised, here some pictures from this years chinese new year celebrations.

The first two pics just show how crowded the place is. And it's not different the whole way down the parade-route. The place is packed with people.
On the third one you can see one of the traditional lion-dancing groups. In a couple of days one of them will also come into our office and dance around in order to bring luck for the new year.
The fourht picture shows that the celebrations are not only traditional, but also modern and international. This is a group of american cheerleaders and mascots.
You can see one of the many dragons that also go along with the parade on the fifth pic. Later I got a chance for a close-up, which you can see on the sixth pic. (It's not the same dragon, that picture was actually taken nearly one hour later.)
On the seventh photo you see the Hong Kong Disneyland float which, like the Ocean-Park float, always brings it's most famous mascots to give the crowd (and especially the kids) a happy start into the new lunar year.
And on the eigth, and final picture you see the what I guess is the float of the Hong Kong tourism board with all the animals of the chinese zodiac on board and a nice representation of some of Hong Kongs skyscrapers (by the way, you can see IFC2, the highest tower here in HK, on the second picture).

Tonight we will have a big fireworks-display in the harbour between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Of course I'll be there and take a lot of pictures. Not only of the fireworks, but also of the really nice decoration on all the buildings on the other site of the harbour.

Crowd to the right177.5 KB
Crowd to the left + IFC2186.69 KB
Lion dance186.62 KB
Cheerleaders196.05 KB
Dragon 1199.17 KB
Dragon 2 - Closeup137.33 KB
Disneyland155.82 KB
Hong Kong Tourism Board193.47 KB
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This pic's are great. Did

This pic's are great. Did you enjoy yourself?

Joined: 2006-03-28
Yes, I had a pretty good

Yes, I had a pretty good time. Except that I was suffering from a little headache before we went there, but it got better later on.
Anyway, there's worse than having a headache, right?

I hope the sky will brighten up until tonight. Right now it's raining and I'm not really fond of standing in the rain for hours just to see the fireworks.

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I hope the weather cheers

I hope the weather cheers up!

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that reminds me of Rhineish

that reminds me of Rhineish carnival. Seriously.

Looks quite enjoyable Smiling

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Well, I have to agree with

Well, I have to agree with you free-zombie. There's something about it you can compare to the big carnival parades like in my hometown Duisburg or, even better, in Duesseldorf. Although here it's mostly traditional stuff, from different asian countries. But also, as shown, some guests that show the international and modern spirit.

The weather was okay tonight, it was a little rainy, but still bearable. The gods didn't throw down buckets of water for the new year. ;-)
I just couldn't take too good pictures since we were standing under a roof which blocked a lot of the sight. And when it started I was just in the toilet-queue with the kids. ;-)

I'll pick a few picks later or tomorrow and also post them here. Took me a while of trying to find good settings for the camera (there's a fireworks-mode, but since the shutter will stay open pretty long with that I would have had to use a tripod for that), but in the end I think I found one that took pretty nice pictures.

What was also really interesting is that near the harbor we have a building that has a convex/concave (I don't know which one, I always mix them up, anyway, it's bending inwards ;-) ) shape. All the explosions were echoed back from there as some sort of high whistles. Sounded quite interesting.

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