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Coming soon...

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Joined: 2006-07-13

Just so that no-one may imagine that this project is slowing down or paused: Some brief news.

  • The Catalan translation will be released on 11th of February if all goes well. This will be done simultaneously with the set-up of one domain per translation. It's quite a step forward, and this requires a lot of coding. You can see the planning in our project manager, it's a release I codenamed "FireHippopotamus" just for fun.
  • I hope to release a (modest) website by the end of February, to host among others one forum per language.
  • The set-up of an non-profit association is well under way. Gustavo and I are working on it and a self-standing version of the bylaws should be completed the coming week.

All of these three things take quite some time, but it's coming! I'll post official news when the time comes.

devotedly and enthusiastically ;-)

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Great news! Good to hear.

Great news! Good to hear. Smiling

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