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Community Spotlight

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Joined: 2005-12-18

I was looking at Firefox's marketing project called Community Spotlight.

Basically it is a ploy to get users stories on their switch to Firefox and users are rewarded with a 50pound giftvoucher to spend in the mozilla store.

I know the original was the same kinda game plan, but people would write large novels on their transition and there was no real reward. Maybe now that nuxified is larger and has bigger opportunities, we could start this idea again. We should simplify the stories though as it should be only a couple of paragraphs long. We could choose at the end of each month the best one, then the winner receives a voucher for $teamedUpLinuxShop.

Simpler stories not only keep the reader interested, but they also make the idea of switching seem simpler.

Further ideas are welcomed!

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Sounds like a nice idea for

Sounds like a nice idea for one of the sub sites. Looks like we're gonna have a whole swiss knife of it, the video portal, the various software projects and now this testimonies idea. Smiling

But we need to pull this gamefest through first. Smiling

Thanks for suggesting!

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