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Competition is over

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Joined: 2006-05-04

Competition winners are "reptiler" and "shengchieh" as announced below!

Our little experiment, the February 2007 Nuxified competition is now over. We have been awarding points to everyone who has been helping others answer with their issues through out february, who wasn't a moderator on this site.

We wont announce winners just yet though, but expect an official announcement till March 5. In the meantime we will offer a public draw for the winner of the "askers" prize where we will use a bot fed with the names of those who have asked questions in February, to randomly choose one name for us. You will have a chance to view this if you wish as it will be in an IRC channel. We will notify you of an exact time when this happens in this thread so stay tuned. Smiling

Thank you to everyone who has been asking questions and helping answer questions about Free Software! Some of you might just be rewarded for being part of this community. Smiling

Stay tuned.

Thank you

Joined: 2005-12-20
Cool. Good luck to everyone

Cool. Good luck to everyone involved Smiling

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Thank you onlinebacon.Here

Thank you onlinebacon.

Here is a note to let everyone know that the draw for a winner among those who have been asking questions in February when the competition lasted, is to be held Sunday March 4th 2007 at 5PM GMT in #tuxhacker channel on It will be a very simple event and everyone in the channel will be able to witness it. I will simply announce that there is a quick draw to be held and instruct the supybot powered bot called Joe_Nuxified to tell us the random name of the winner.

So basically all I will do is say: "the winner of the "askers prize" of the Nuxified competition is:" and issue the following command: "%quote random" which will have Joe_Nuxified tell us the name of the winner. Smiling

At this point we will also reveal the name of the winner of the helpers prize as well.

Following that, winners will be contacted to get the necessary info needed to send them the prize. Of course, they will first have a chance to pick a prize among the items in the catalog.


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Joined: 2006-05-04
The winners are: reptiler and shengchieh

We have just held a draw in #tuxhacker for the winner of the askers prize and the lucky winner is shengchieh. He can now proudly say that by simply participating he wont a prize on Smiling He asked for help in this thread and participated further in it, which was what made him immediately eligible.

I have to give kudos to others, such as fr0zenmon, who has asked most questions here and was also quite eligible. The comeptition was however made to entice new users to come as well and hence the winner was to be "random". Maybe this will entice shengchieh to stick with this community long term. Smiling

So, congratulations shengchieh! You'll receive a PM with further info.

About the winner among helpers, it is reptiler. There is no doubt he deserves the prize. Tbuitenh actually had the most helper points in the competition, but because he believes he is too tied to Libervis Network to be a winner, he let the next in line win, which is reptiler. Kudos to both of you guys and congratulations reptiler! You'll get a PM as well. Smiling

At some point in the future we might have more competitions, learning on the experiences we had with this one. You could call this first competition an experiment and if we ever have another one count on it that it will be even more exciting. Smiling


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Joined: 2005-12-18
A log of the IRC

A log of the IRC draw:


17:02 <libervisco> ok it's time Smiling
17:03 <AndrewB> Ok guys.. for the record Joe_Nuxified is a bot that has 5 names loaded into it, and will select at random, who will win the askers prize for nuxhelp 2007. Smiling
17:03 <libervisco> AndrewB, 4 right now
17:04 <AndrewB> Could all members please note that under PDPC/Freenode guidelines I am to tell you all this is logged and will be published on
17:04 <AndrewB> Smiling
17:05 <libervisco> Smiling
17:05 <onlinebacon> Smiling
17:05 <AndrewB> stupid guidelines...
17:07 <AndrewB> All members on the fora were eligable, except moderators and admin of the fora.
17:07 <libervisco> yep
17:07 <libervisco> ok so..
17:07 <libervisco> guess it's best to do the draw now?
17:07 * AndrewB drum rolls.
17:08 <onlinebacon> yeah
17:08 * dylunio takes a sharp breath
17:08 * onlinebacon gasps
17:08 <libervisco> So.. Joe_Nuxified will tell us the winner of the askers prize... now.......
17:08 <libervisco> %quote random
17:08 <Joe_Nuxified> libervisco: Quote #3: "shengchieh" (added by libervisco at 09:11 PM, March 03, 2007)
17:08 <libervisco> heh there you go
17:08 <AndrewB> Smiling
17:08 <onlinebacon> Smiling
17:08 <onlinebacon> it was fair
17:08 <onlinebacon> Smiling
17:09 <libervisco> maybe shengchieh will be prompted to post even more now Smiling
17:09 <onlinebacon> Sticking out tongue
17:09 <AndrewB> shengchieh is not present on #tuxhacker, and will be contacted on nuxified.
17:09 <libervisco> and then we might see him in this channel Smiling

If anybody would like to discuss please feel free to contact me.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
The forum where we have

The forum where we have been tracking and awarding points for helpers is made visible to registered members so you can observe the process and end status:

Cheers Smiling

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