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computer only responds to power button

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I was setting back up a computer that had been sitting in my closet for around a year and a half. However, when it turns on, there is no video signal, not even for the BIOS. The only signs that the computer is on are the fans (including the one on the video card), the power LED, and the scroll/caps/num lock LEDs on the keyboard flashing once at startup. I have tried two video cards and two CMOS batteries, so those are not the problem. I have unplugged everything except the motherboard with the same results. It seems like something went wrong with the BIOS while sitting in my closet, but Ionno how I could install a BIOS update or manipulate it in any way with the system in this state.

The computer worked fine before.

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Re: computer only responds to power button

This might seem obvious and maybe it is done already by swapping CMOS (not sure.. ), but maybe try resetting the BIOS by shorting the appropriate jumpers or pressing a button if any for that?

Otherwise this sort of thing usually has me suspecting the power supply, but then at least something should show on the screen if you unplugged everything that's power hungry and especially if the fans at least are spinning (though fans can spin even when the stuff isn't working, like I had with the new card when I forgot to plug the power cable in, the video card fan spinned, but video didn't work).

Re: computer only responds to power button

oops, that's too bad. your computer's motherboard may be broken.

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