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Creating web-pages

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I am rather new for Ubuntu... However, this IS the ONLY operating system I am using now.
I used to have DreamWeaver for web-page creation. It was easy and nice.

Now I found KompoZer (after Nvu) what is... hm... well, it is nice, but there are many-many-many things I cannot do woth it at all, or -if ever- with difficulties.

Please, advice me an OperSource program which is more alike DreamWeaver...



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Well, if you want to type

Well, if you want to type the code with nice highlighting I'd suggest Bluefish.
It's a nice, really slim, editor for HTML, PHP and other languages. It runs really quick and is my personal favorite when it comes to web-development.

If you like to have an editor where you also have a design-view, just like the mentioned DreamWeaver, you might want to try Quanta, which also offers syntax-highlighting for different languages and, as said, the possibility to work in a design-view and not only with the code.

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Here're some of your

Here're some of your options. (non-commercial; bluefish) (non-commercial; mambo) (non-commercial; Quanta Plus; KDE) (non-commercial; Nvu) (non-commercial; SCREEM)

Personally, I use bluefish, but my website is not fancy.


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Thanks, Reptiler!

I have installed it, and I will try it out.
Yes, I need the desig-view! Some simple things I do with Bluefish. I prefere, however, to see the result.

Again, thanks a lot!


Joined: 2007-06-12
Hello Sheng-Chieh! Thanks

Hello Sheng-Chieh!

Thanks you for the list!
I am trying out Quanta...
I appreciate the list you put together for me together with the links, as well.

Thanks, and greetings,


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