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Debian Minimum Requirement advice

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Table 3.2. Recommended Minimum System Requirements
Install Type RAM Hard Drive
No desktop 24 megabytes 450 megabytes
With Desktop 64 megabytes 1 gigabyte
Server 128 megabytes 4 gigabytes

1. I want to install server, my hd has only 3.6/6gb free. What should I do? I have quite a fews programs I want to add. Win98se is taking all the other space. How can I make the most with limited space?

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These are only recommended

These are only recommended minimum requirements. If you don't install the full package, but only the required components you could possibly fit it on whatever space you have.

The best way to do this would probably be to download a netinstall CD and if you can connect after booting from it, download and install only what you need through its installer, which should basically be the core system plus Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python etc.

If you can't connect from the netinstall CD then another option could be to download at least two normal Debian CDs, install it only as a minimal system and then if anything is missing download and install it later with apt-get.

In any case, the point is to install a minimal system and then just get the specifics you need for a server. This way you should certainly be able to fit a server in 3.6 GB.

Joined: 2006-11-20
Thanks libervisco that was helpful

Can you help me with this part

So I am going to go with the download two normal debian cd's. Mainly because I will not be able to connect after I install it. I have only wireless networking on the laptop. So on my desktop I am going to pick 3 files:

debian-31r4-i386-binary-1.iso 16-Nov-2006 15:10 639M
debian-31r4-i386-binary-2.iso 16-Nov-2006 15:10 610M
debian-31r4-i386-binary-3.iso 16-Nov-2006 15:10 641M

Is this correct? Is this enough to get networking working?

Now I have these files on my desktop. I open up Roxio and begin to burn the iso image to it?
Is there a particular why to do this? (This is my first time doing this.)

And then the disc will pop out and I can bring to the laptop?

Did I cover everything?

I appreciate your patience and help.

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That sounds good, [burning

That sounds good, [burning of cd's] I dunno bout the wireless.
Make sure it is like 'burn a cd image' not burn a boot disk.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
I think you've got it

I think you've got it covered fr0zenmon. Smiling As Andrew mentioned, just make sure to burn the .iso CD image as an image rather than just dumping the .iso file to a CD. Then you'll be able to boot with the CD 1 of those three on any computer (including a laptop).

The CD1 should initiate an installation process which will prompt you for more CDs as you install. Once you're done with all 3 of them, just say no when it asks for another disk (it's ok) and that should be it.

Good luck

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