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Demo recording

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Here is how you record demos in Gamefest games.


Before entering any games press F5 and type record _demo-name_ and then enter the game by either typing connect (enter appropriate address or IP there)


After entering the game open console with the tilda key and type /record _demo-name_.


Exactly the same as in OpenArena. Smiling

Armagetron Advanced

Start the game like this: armagetronad --record FILE.

If you've got any questions ask here.


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Nexuiz demo recording

A much easier way to do this in Nexuiz is set the variable cl_autodemo to "1", which dumps a demo for each played map in ~/.nexuiz/data/demos (unix/mac) or Nexuiz/data/demos (windows). The default naming is year-month-day-hour-minutes_mapname.dem, such as "2007-11-22_21-51_soylent.dem", but other conventions can be specified using the cl_autodemo_nameformat variable.

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I would also recommend to

I would also recommend to use the cl_autodemo feature , which can be also activated in the options menu.

when you want to upload the demos and you're wondering which one of them is the right demo, just go into the demos folder (~/.nexuiz/data/demos on linux, Nexuiz/data/demos on Windows) and have a look at their filesize (as well as the date, of course). Demos that have the right mapname and time and also are greater than 1 MB will most probably be the correct demos Smiling

good luck.

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I'm guessing that these

I'm guessing that these files are in a format understood basically only by the respective game. If so, then the easiest way to make a generally viewable video would be to procede with a screencast that captures the game in action, right?

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In Open Arena (or ioquake

In Open Arena (or ioquake based games) you simply record your demo with /record as mentioned above. Then to view the demo you have recorded, then type /demo and lastly, to record your .dm_68 (Open Arena) file to something more useful, like .avi, then first start playback (/demo ) followed by /video
Now it will generate a .avi sequence for you but you will most likely see it frame-by-frame, so it's rather time consuming.
Then you can use mencoder or other preferred program to compress the final result.

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Making demos, viewing demos, and making vids of Nexuiz matches

This link explains how to do demos and videos of Nexuiz matches. It also explains how to bring up the command line to type in the commands:

This link gives samples of commands:

Here is one scenario.
-- Start Nexuiz.
-- Click on the Demo button at the bottom of the screen (there are 5 buttons on the top and 3 on the bottom).
-- Turn demoing on for all time by clicking on the "Off" word in the Demo popup window. It's at the bottom and it follows "Automatically record a Demo when playing". It will become "On".
-- Now play games.
-- Close Nexuiz. [I do this by pressing F10.]
-- Find a demo for one of the games you played by going to the demo folder (see earlier posts).
-- That would be the file to upload to share with others.
-- Now take advantage of others' generosity by downloading one of the files on the gamefest site.
-- Copy it to the same demo directory where demos are made (same demo folder mentioned 3 steps above).
-- Start up Nexuiz.
-- Click on the Demo button, and click on the video you just downloaded from the gamefest site (it should be there).
-- Type [shift]+[escape] to bring up command line.
-- Type "toggle cl_capturevideo" (without quotation marks). The PC's video and sound will probably slow down since the CPU is being taxed.
-- Type [escape] to make the command line disappear. [If you don't do this, it will show up on the video over the game.]
-- Click on start (it's on the Demo popup window).
-- Keep the demo running for a while. Your hard drive will fill up fast. Possibly around 30 megabytes per second.
-- [Optional step] Type [shift]+[escape] to bring up command line.
-- [Optional step] Type "toggle cl_capturevideo" again (or pull it from history) to turn off the conversion into avi. The PC will speed up again.
-- Close Nexuiz.
-- You can now upload that avi file online somewhere to share it. It will be found inside the Nexuiz folder hierarchy, but instead of inside the "demo" subfolder, it will be inside a "video" subfolder. You may want to convert to Ogg Theora (instructions not provided) or flv and upload those files. Not sure if the gamefest site is accepting super large files.

Read the links at the top of this comment for other details and ideas. You might want to experiment with all the variables available through the command line (eg, to capture the avi video at a different dimension or framerate.. to save disk space). You can also modify other variables to change gameplay, for example, to sidestep faster. [Have not tried playing with these variables. Modifying some of these may be considered illegal for this tournament.. I suggest anyone with intentions ask before doing anything crazy.]

One interesting command is "slowmo .2" to watch the demo in slow motion, one-fifth normal speed. "slowmo 5" will play the demo five times faster than normal speed.

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Armagetron recordings

Armagetron recordings are unlikely to be useful.

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I should have specified,

I should have specified, the first set of commands are simple and are what is required to turn demoing on for all time.

The second set of commands (from around the 6th step down) actually accomplishes numerous things. If all you want to do is view other demos (other .dem files, such as those from the gamefest website), then just put that file into the demo subfolder.

The rest of the instructions are for converting any demo that is already recorded into an avi movie. It's much better to record a demo only first and then do the avi conversion on a second pass (as you watch the demo or maybe grab something from the fridge). The reason is that recording demo does not consume a lot of PC resources so you can record and play effectively. However, if you turn on cl_capturevideo while you are actually playing, you will probalby play very badly. So leave the avi conversion until after both the game play / demo are over.

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