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Distro remixing

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Skimming some of my idea notes I noticed one about distro remix scripts and thought it'd be cool to post about it and see what others think.

So the distro remixing idea is basically quite simple. You make scripts which issue a series of commands that transform a given distro into something different. They could do as little as removing or installing new package sets or as much as editing configuration files. It could be a new way to develop and maintain new "distributions", those which would be only slightly different and keeping with the main distro anyway. Instead of distributing complete isos themselves, it may make more sense to just provide a script that when ran transforms a clean install of the base distro into a modified version.

What do you think? Anyone does this? I know there are certain packages already in Ubuntu repositories, like xubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-studio which do something similar, install a set of packages around a certain desktop environment or a purpose, but the idea doesn't have to be limited to just packages. Smiling

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I've read a bit about

I've read a bit about Bastille Linux recently, which seems to be something "similar", just for hardening certain distros. I didn't look into it yet, but it sounds interesting since I'm anyway the paranoid type when it comes to security-stuff. ;-)

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