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distros that send a livecd free or cheap

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Are there any distros that will send a livecd for free or low cost. Ubuntu sends some for free. any other free cds dvd programs out there?

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I couldn't tell you any off

I couldn't tell you any off the top of my head, but I ask you to keep in mind that most GNU/Linux distributions are made completely non-commercially by people in their spair time, but still cost money to make : hardware and internet connections cost money. So, if you want live CDs by snail mail, you may also want to consider looking for a reseller that sells CDs cheap and donates some of the money to the project in question. Also remember that paying or not paying, getting it by snail mail or not, is your descision, not mine Eye .

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You can actually get almost

You can actually get almost any distro on CD for a low cost. There are some web stores which sell CDs for as low as 10 bucks or so. For example Some distros also sell their CDs themselves.

In some countries there are local web stores with GNU/Linux CDs too (like croatian

So the answer is a definitive yes. Smiling

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Ubuntu sends CDs for

Ubuntu sends CDs for free

Also, check at markets and stuff, i have seen linux cd's for 25p at a local market.

Online, there is also a lot of people who make cd's to sell for non-profit.

Joined: 2006-11-20
thanks. keep them coming

that was helpful. I feel comfortable with cd to boot from. At least at this stage.

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