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Distros unheard of

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While might be usually covering about anything that is going on in the world of GNU/Linux and BSD distributions, maybe some things still get missed, for any reason, or are simply too obscure and unpopular on distrowatch for anyone to really notice.

So, if you know of such distros, here is a thread to post about them.

Feel free to post if you tried them and briefly what you think of them, and of course include a link to the project web site or place where it can be downloaded.


Joined: 2006-03-28
EnGarde Secure Linux

Just recently I tried EnGarde Secure Linux, which, although listed on DistroWatch (currently on 94th position), in my oppinion should get more attention. It claims to be secure by design and contains SELinux by default, not as a feature. And from what I read about it it uses SELinux pretty good.
Thus I would like to get this distro to your attention because it might be a really good package for servers.
Installation is pretty easy and it brings a web-interface (which I didn't try so far) for administration.

My reason to try it was SELinux, since I'm working on better SELinux-integration for EasyLFS 0.3 I wanted to see an example, and I guess EnGarde should be the best example in terms of SELinux-integration you can get.

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I stumbled into Bayanihan

I stumbled into Bayanihan Linux at Seems to be like a local version for Filipinos, like RedHat Linux of China. It seems to be based on KDE but I'm not sure since their is no extensive documentation of its origins.

Joined: 2006-03-28
You mean Red Flag, right?

You mean Red Flag, right? Because RedHat is one of the major distros, and, if I'm not totally wrong, originated in the US.
Will have a look at that Bayanihan, maybe it's something for my wife.

Well, had a look through the website, but it seems all Engish. I don't see anything that would really make an Filipino to switch to it. In my opinion it's like "any other distro".
If it would be translated into Tagalog I guess it could be more interesting for them.
I also asked my wife to look through the site, I'll ask her what she thinks in a few minutes.

Joined: 2007-04-10
Gee, I was thinking

Gee, I was thinking RedFlag, I didn't notice I typed RedHat. I know RedHat, I've tried it before I finally settled on Ubuntu. Yup, I've noticed Bayanihan is just your typical Linux Distro. I think they should have focused more on making a lightweight and usable distro, one that could run fast on regular machines.

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